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Volunteer FAQ

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Volunteer FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All construction volunteers must be at least 16-years-old, no exceptions. Some tasks have an 18+ policy (roof work, some vinyl siding shifts, etc.). The age requirement is specified for each shift.

Task restrictions for 16 & 17-year-old volunteers:

  • Cannot work at heights 6 feet & above (no roof work)
  • Cannot use power tools
  • Cannot participate in demolition tasks or crawl space work


Please contact the Volunteer and Faith Relations Manager directly at with any questions. 

When you arrive at the site, please read, fill out and sign a LIABILITY WAIVER.  Be sure to include an EMERGENCY CONTACT NAME AND PHONE NUMBER in case of an emergencyPlease make sure to SIGN IN when you arrive and SIGN OUT when you leave so we can keep track of all volunteer hours that are spent on the work-site. It is necessary to have a sign-in sheet at each work-site.Notify your site leader of any medical issues or concerns that you have.
Work boots with thick soles are preferable on the worksite.  DRESS SHOES, SANDALS, FLIP FLOPS, TOE SHOES (I.E. “FOOT GLOVES”) AND OPEN-TOED SHOES OF ANY KIND ARE NOT PERMITTED.  Footwear should be sturdy, water-resistant and slip-resistant.  Sneakers are acceptable.If you wear CONTACT LENSES, please wear your glasses, instead, on the worksite. There can be a lot of dust and dirt in the air and there may not be a place to wash your hands and rinse your lenses. GOGGLES are available to protect glasses/eyes from debris and are required when using power toolsWear/bring sunscreen.

No, not at all!

Previous experience never hurts, but it isn’t necessary. Our experienced construction crew will provide all of the on-the-job training needed for the day’s tasks.

Unless you hear otherwise from a Habitat for Humanity Roanoke Valley staff member via email (by 6:45 a.m. the day of your scheduled shift), plan to volunteer rain or shine. Site supervisors can often adjust tasks to accommodate for inclement weather.

All necessary tools and safety gear will be provided by Habitat for Humanity Roanoke Valley. If preferred, you may bring your own. Please label all personal tools with your name. Although not mandatory, volunteers are suggested to bring their own work gloves, if available.Hardhats will be provided on the worksite.  We recommend that you BRING WORK GLOVES, SAFETY GOGGLES, OR ANY OTHER PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT YOU HAPPEN TO OWN.

Volunteers are encouraged to bring a refillable water bottle to reduce waste and ensure proper hydration. Lunch is not provided by Habitat for Humanity Roanoke Valley during the volunteer shift. Volunteers can bring a bagged lunch, go off-site during the lunch break or arrange to have food delivered to the site.

Please contact the Volunteer and Faith Relations Manager, Gina Dunnavant at 540-344-0747 extension 110 or email her at

Still have a question? Please contact the Volunteer and Faith Relations Manager, Gina Dunnavant, at (540)344.0747 ext. 110 or send an email to