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Building Change

The traditional new home construction model remains the foundation of Habitat for Humanity in the Roanoke Valley’s mission, but it is only one of the many ways the organization impacts the community. Habitat-Roanoke development efforts also consist of buying houses in need of restoration. Rehabbed homes comprise a large portion of Habitat-Roanoke's work, which is also much needed in overall neighborhood revitalization strategies. In coming years, Habitat-Roanoke expects to expand offerings to include multi-family developments, modular housing and possible rental-only developments for multiple families.

New Home Construction

Habitat for Humanity in the Roanoke Valley believes that homeownership is a major component of a family’s safety, health, stability and financial freedom. New homes are sold to Habitat homebuyers with an affordable mortgage; that is, a monthly payment that does not exceed 30% of their income. Part of the trade off includes Habitat homebuyers investing hundreds of sweat equity hours into their home, and the homes of fellow homebuyers, prior to the final closing of their new home.

Rehab Homes

Habitat for Humanity in the Roanoke Valley’s construction team is always on the lookout for suitable properties to acquire. This includes a straight up purchase, receiving a donation, and moving on a foreclosed or vacant property. The goal is to fix up these acquisitions for resale to future Habitat homebuyers. This element of our affordable housing ministry impacts the community in two ways:

1. Addresses the need for more affordable housing.
2. Stabilizes neighborhoods with high-foreclosure and high-vacancy rates that are more vulnerable to crime.

Green Initiative

Habitat-Roanoke is committed to building and repairing homes in the greenest manner possible. We believe energy efficiency is a major part of the affordable housing solution. Habitat for Humanity in the Roanoke Valley's green goals are pursued through construction materials and practices, recycling programs, and ongoing research for ways to improve all sustainability efforts. Habitat-Roanoke currently participates in the Thrivent, EnergyStar and Earth Craft certification programs. Habitat-Roanoke also employs a "Lead Safe Habitat" strategy that goes beyond the required level of both lead paint and asbestos removal in rehabilitated homes.

Affiliate of the Year

Habitat-Roanoke was awarded Viridiant’s ‘Habitat for Humanity Affiliate of the Year’ award for 2020!

Thank you, everyone, for contributing to financial support and logistical support in the field to make sure ALL our houses achieve Earth Craft Certification.

Contractors and suppliers interested in joining the Habitat-Roanoke family.