Volunteer Checklist

Habitat For Humanity Roanoke LogoHabitat is always thankful to volunteers who wish to partner with our mission.  To make your time on the site more productive and your experience more positive, please take special note of these safety issues and keep them in mind when you are on site.


All participants must be at least 16 years old on an active construction site, in accordance with OSHA standards. (The Habitat ReStore will accept volunteers as young as 8 if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.)

Men with hard hats■ When you arrive at the site, please read, fill out and sign a liability waiver.  Be sure to include an emergency contact name and phone number in case of an emergency.

■ Please make sure to sign in when you arrive and sign out when you leave so we can keep track of all volunteer hours that are spent on the work-site. It is necessary to have a sign-in sheet at each work-site.

■ Notify your site leader of any medical issues or concerns that you have.

■ Your site leader will go over specific safety guidelines and protective equipment each morning prior to beginning work.  If you have any hesitations or are uncomfortable with any task that might be assigned, be sure to let your site leader know.  Other tasks will be available.

First aid kits are available at the sign in table and fire extinguishers are available in the tool trailer onsite.

■ Please wear comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing that is disposable, just in case there is a spill or other damage.

■ Work boots with thick soles are preferable on the work site.  Dress shoes, sandals, flip flops, toe shoes (i.e. “foot gloves”) and open-toed shoes of any kind are NOT permitted.  Footwear should be sturdy, water-resistant and slip-resistant.  Sneakers are acceptable.

■ If you wear contact lenses, please wear your glasses, instead, on the work site. There can be a lot of dust and dirt in the air and there may not be a place to wash your hands and rinse your lenses. Goggles are available to protect glasses/eyes from debris and are required when using power tools.Roanoke Volunteer Smiling At Camera

■ Hardhats will be provided on the work site.  We recommend that you bring work gloves, safety goggles, or any other personal protective equipment you happen to own.

■ If you have your own tools, you are welcome to bring them, but all of the tools necessary for the daily tasks will be on the site already.  Remember to label any items that you bring with your name.

Wear/bring sunscreen.   It is possible that you will be working outside.  It is important that you bring a bottle of sunscreen to apply as necessary. 

Pack your lunch.  We provide coffee, water and a morning snack.  Volunteers provide their own lunch to be eaten on site.

Bring a water bottle.  Water is provided at the work-site, but please bring your own water bottle to reuse and to keep with you.