The Builder’s Club

Habitat’s Core Group of Volunteers: The Builder’s ClubDSC00428

The heart of the Habitat for Humanity in the Roanoke Valley Volunteer Program is a core group of builders referred to as “The Builders Club.” Builders Club members are volunteers who come out to work with Habitat each Wednesday and Saturday that they can.  Some start out with a significant amount of construction experience and others come only with an open heart and an interest in learning all about our building process.

All members are on our emailing list and receive information detailing the work scheduled for each build day. Additionally, Habitat for Humanity in the Roanoke Valley celebrates these dedicated volunteers every quarter with special social events as well as a 20% discount at the Habitat ReStore. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Builder’s Club, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at




 2015-07-31 15.31.32“I enjoy the ‘community’ and  the way we function well in cooperation with others. It is a real pleasure to join with like-minded friends to build and also to share life experiences. As a retiree, our build days are an opportunity to continue a lifetime of association and sharing with comrades…sort of an extension of our old work, but now fortunately just from the neck down.”

-Buster Jones, Builders Club Member (front and center in suspenders)



2015-12-10 10.15.30

“I had wanted to help build houses with Habitat for several years, but was uncomfortable that I’d be the only woman and not have the skills necessary. Oh, I have worked on my own house installing hardwood floors, fixing window sills that had dry rotted, installed baseboards, etc. and I have used power tools all my life, but that doesn’t make me ‘qualified’ to build with Habitat…or so I thought. 

This past May, I saw a notice for a “Womens Build” and figured that was the ticket, so I signed up. After volunteering on that build I was hooked. I set aside every Wednesday as my day and if I could swing it, I’d do Saturdays, too.”

-Penny Bryarly, Builders Club Member